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Surf: Making Waves since 2001!

Surf!Want that buoyant body and soft, seabreeze texture?  Well, we have it here at Studio eMMe. Surf shampoo and Creme Rinse conditioner. We are SO excited to have this line in from Bumble and Bumble. Buy a shampoo and conditioner together and get a MINI surf spray for free! Come get the next wave for a sexy, beachy, windswept style.

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Bb. ConcenStraight Service

The STRAIGHT Service is now here at Studio eMMe! It’s a breakthrough professional service Pro Smoothing Treatment that is done in the salon. This service is a gentle, non-damaging, customizable hair straightening treatment lasting for up to 30 shampoos. Call us for info 260.0202 or ask your stylist about it today!!

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Feather Extensions ARE IN!

Come see the new craze that’s in at Studio eMMe: Feather Extensions!  We have just a few colors right now- Grizzly Turquoise, Grizzly Brown, Natural Dark Ginger, Grizzly Olive, and Solid Purple.  $15 dollars for each feather and they last for months.  You can wash, blowdry, brush, straighten and curl them.  They are going fast so call and book an appointment today!!

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New Website!

Thanks to all of our loyal customers our growth has been amazing. Our staff has been expanding and it only makes sense that we redesign our website to reflect the new look of our logo and overall atmosphere here at Studio eMMe. At Studio eMMe hair is our life and all the people that surround us are important too. So visit our new blog often as we post pictures, news, tips and tricks.